eye 目


keep an eye on    目を離さない

  • Please keep an eye on the children while they are swimming.
  • Can you keep an eye on my bag I need to go toilet.
keep an eye onは日常会話でよく使うので覚えておくと便利!!

black eye   けがなどでできる目の周りにできるあざ

  • How did you get that black eye?
  • She gave him a black eye.

have eyes in the back of (one's)head  なんでもお見通し 

  • My mum has eyes in the back of her head!!!
  • Just be careful not to do silly things during the class.That teacher has eyes in the back of his head.
back of head= 頭の後ろ

a bird's eye view   上から見下ろした景色

  • From the plane we had a bird's eye view of London.
  • Please draw a map from bird's eye view .
bird=鳥 view=景色。鳥が見る景色=bird view

able to do (something) with (one's) eyes closed 簡単にできる/目を閉じながらでもできる

  • You should ask Johnny for help.He's able to do this level of math with his eyes closed.
  • I can answer this question with my eyes closed . It is too easy question.


ear  耳


all ears   しっかり聞いている、熱心に耳を傾ける

  • Tell me more. I’m all ears.
  • Tell me about your first day at the new job—I'm all ears!

music to my ears   予期しない良い知らせ、耳に快かった

A.I got into A University!
(A 大学に受かった!)

B.Wow! That is music to my ears.

ears are ringing   耳鳴りがする

  • I have sharp ringing in the ears.


nose 鼻


follow (one's) nose To walk straight ahead
(鼻の向いた方に) まっすぐに行く,(策を講じたりしないで)自分の直感に従って行動する

  • Just follow your nose as far as the corner and turn right.
  • You should ignore what other people say and you just follow your nose.

poke one's nose into   ~に鼻を突っ込む、~に鼻を突っ込む〔他人の私事など〕について余計な詮索をする

  • He poke his nose into other people's business.
  • You shouldn’t be poking your nose into other people’s business.

nosey  おせっかいな

  • My neighbor is a little bit nosey,he likes to know everything.
  • Don't be too nosey to your son.
 noseは くんくん嗅ぎまわるという感覚でおせっかい、検索好きなどネガティブイメージが多い単語


nose in the air  偉そうな振る舞い、態度

  • Ever since he got promotion he's been walking around with his nose in the air!"

have (one's) nose in a book To be reading a book. 夢中で本を読む

  • I have my nose in mysteries book.


mouth 口



bad-mouth  悪口を言う

  • Why are you always bad mouthing to your brother?

big (loud) mouth   おしゃべり、人の秘密を話す人

  • He said you are a big mouth.
  • big mouthtight lipped「口が硬い」
  • He is tight lipped.
tight lip=口が堅い /tight=かたい lip=唇。


watch (one's) mouth  言葉に気をつける

  • Watch your mouth.
  • Watch your language.
Watch your mouthWatch your languageは親がよく子供に使うフレーズ
  • Watch out!

face 顔


two-faced 二面のある,両面の,表裏のある

  • He is two‐faced.
  • You are two-faced.

face to face in person 面と向かって,〔人と〕差し向かいで

  • I will have face to face interview by online next week.
  • We should talk face to face.

It is time to face   直面する

  • It is time to face your problem.
  • You have to face your problem.
  • It's the time to face a challenge.

get out of my face!!=go away ほっておいて!どこかに行って!


hair  髪


bad hair day 髪の型が決まらない日、ついてない日

  • I’m having a bad hair day today.

A: What’s wrong with John?


B: Don’t worry about it. He is just having a bad hair day.


ここでの have a bad hair dayhave a bad day と同じ意味。理由は分からないけど、何をやってもうまくいかないという感じ

by a hair  わずか、少し

  • I missed the bus by a hair.
  • I missed the train by a second.

 hair stands on end   (恐怖)で 身の毛がよだつ

  • My hair stood on end reading the ghost story all alone in my house.
  • When we go camping, every little noise outside my tent makes my hair stand on end.


head 頭


eyes are popping out of (one's) head   目が飛び出るほど驚く

  • My eyes were popping out of my head when I saw that my parents had bought me a car for my birthday!


cool head 冷静

  • Keep a cool head about this situation.


head over heels ぞっこん

  • He’s head over heels in love with his new girlfriend.
  • He is into his new girlfried


  • I’m head over heels in debt.


He is into his new girlfried.(彼は新しい彼女にぞっこんである)head over heels同じ意味ですが is intoの方が日常的に使われます。